The Sleep Conclusion

By: Jessie DeThomasis Trying to fix my sleep crisis has been a goal of mine for more than a few years now. In other words, I have insomnia and interrupted sleep. I also have a type A personality, high anxiety and a never ending ‘to do’ list that is always on my mind. So I […]

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Recover with FST!

One our clients is enjoying an amazing FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy) session! If you’re training hard you need to make sure you are recovering as well. It is important to program recovery into your weekly workout schedule. Increase mobility and relax with FST!

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Groin and Hip Injuries in Hockey Players (Part 2)

By: Bobby DeThomasis In my last article I discussed the muscular structures around the hips that may be impacted in hip and groin injuries.  I also discussed how muscular imbalances in the structures around the hips can make an athlete more susceptible to groin and hip flexor strains.  In this article I am going to dive deeper […]

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Groin and Hip Injuries in Hockey Players (Part 1)

By: Bobby DeThomasis   Anyone who has played hockey can tell you that one of the most common areas that get injured in hockey players is the hip/groin complex.  Typical injuries include but are not limited to “groin strains” (I will explain later why I put that in parentheses), hip flexor strains, hip impingement syndrome […]

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The Importance Of Being Lean

By: Bobby DeThomasis Here at PTS we have the good fortune to be able to work with a very wide demographic of clients.  We work with clients of all shapes and sizes.  From youth to professional athletes and business men and women of all ages.  Everyone that begins to work with us has specific and […]

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Preventing Head Injuries For Hockey and Football Players

It seems as though every time you turn on ESPN you hear a report about some athlete in a contact sport having to miss games due to a concussion or other head injury.  I am unsure as to whether head injuries are more prevalent these days or if they are just more publicized.  Regardless, head […]

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Using Science To Improve Sport Specific Conditioning

I often get asked the question “what type of conditioning do you do with your athletes?” and my answer is always the same……”it depends on the sport, position and individual.”  No two sports are exactly alike and no two positions in a given sport are exactly alike either.  This article will give a brief overview […]

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Order Poliquin supplements through our website while browsing our blog!

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Here Is The Summer 2014 Training Compilation Of Our Professional and College Hockey, Football and Baseball Players

Click Here For The Video

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A Scientific Approach To Losing Body Fat

In this installment I would like to discuss the common misconceptions surrounding body composition improvement and the fallacy that is calorie counting. Despite the popularization of the “low calorie” approach to weight loss which has been at the fore front of nutrition mass media over the past several decades, scientific research has proven that approaching […]

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