Performance Training Systems (PTS)

is a private training facility, located in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, that provides the absolute best performance enhancement and athletic development through a scientifically based training approach.  Focused around the Poliquin Principles, PTS uses the most effective training protocols to achieve your goals. We get results through our holistic approach to training and dedication to providing superior information to our clients.

We offer expertise in:

  • Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Combine/Pro-Day Preparation
  • Body Composition Improvement
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Consultations (BioSignature Modulation ®)
  • Program Design
  • Soft Tissue Treatment (Active Release Technique ®)
  • Fascial Stretching

PTS has Atlantis machines and racks, Eleiko bars and plates, Watson dumbbells, 47 yards of Field Turf, High Tech Health infra-red saunas and the absolute best sports training in the Mid-West!