The Training Facility

Performance Training Systems (PTS) is an elite sports training facility for clients looking to make real results. We are a results based company that maintains the highest standard in sport specific strength and conditioning, personal training, nutrition consultation, soft tissue management therapies and rehabilitation. PTS was designed with the high level athlete in mind and as such contains the highest quality equipment available.  We are located in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, just a mile west of the ‘Loop.’


  • Best quality commercial fitness equipment on the market
  • Weight stack machines are specifically designed by expert biomechanics specialists so that the resistance curve matches the strength curve of the person using it
  • Matching the resistance and strength curves reduce susceptibility to overuse associated injuries
  • Highest quality upholstery available for minimal wear and tear
  • Unilateral options on machines for correcting imbalances and fixing the bilateral deficit
  • Thick grip attachments and chin up bars for grip strength improvement and lessening of wrist and elbow injuries


  • Eleiko bars exceed the quality of every other bar on the market because of their stringent quality procedure.
  • The strength of an Eleiko bar is estimated to be 215,000 PSI. This means that it takes 215,000 pounds per square inch to tear the rod. The average Olympic barbells in the market range from 130,000 and 150,000 PSI. Research shows that barbells with a value below 190,000 PSI become permanently bent over time and can increase your risk of injury during a lift.  Eleiko bars will never bend or warp.
  • When you pick up a bar at PTS you can feel the quality waffle knurling and smooth rotation of the sleeves while the bar remains stationary. This rotation reduces torque when an athlete performs a heavy lift involving motion (Olympic lift) because the weight is able to rotate and the momentum of that rotation does not exert itself on the extremities of the lifter, thus reducing the chances of injury.
  • Eleiko is the leading brand in the sports of weightlifting and powerlifting. Eleiko products are often seen at the world’s largest championships, such as the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  Now you can use their superior bars and plates at PTS!


  • 2” thick grip revolving handles that makes the Watson dumbbells superior to conventional dumbbells.
  • Revolving handles decrease shear force on the wrists and elbows.
  • By reducing shear force on the joints, the lifter will then be less susceptible to soft tissue damage that lead to conditions like tendinitis (tennis elbow, golfers elbow) and joint laxity (ligament loosening which makes the joint less stable).
  • Watson dumb bells are constructed from solid high-tensile bright drawn steel which is an extremely high quality and durable metal.  This steel is so tough that Watson guarantees the dumb bells will NEVER break, loosen or fall apart.
  • The dumb bell handles and first plates are welded together and the outer plates are secured by commercial grade M10 bolts so there is no chance for the dumbbells to ever come loose.
  • If the functionality of the dumb bells wasn’t enough, with the laser cut and powder coated end plates the look pretty badass!

In addition to the resistance training equipment, there is 47 yards of Field Turf for speed, agility, drill works and strongman training. It is the same synthetic turf that is used to construct professional and international stadiums throughout the world. Also, both the men’s and women’s locker rooms are equipped with an infra-red sauna manufactured by High Tech Health. High Tech Health infra-red saunas are constructed from hypoallergenic poplar wood without any veneers, plywood or fiberboard. The benefits of infra-red sauna use include detoxifications, stress relief, immune system enhancement, improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, pain relief and skin clarity.