Duane Erickson, PTS Client

I started using PTS 6 years ago after herniated disc L4/L5. I did not want to do the surgery so they came up with game plan to fix and strengthen my back without going under the knife. Best decision I ever made. Now I lead an active lifestyle (golf, hockey, paddle, snow skiing) with no back problems. It all starts at 6AM 2 times a week, every week all year round training with Brett at PTS. Brett has helped me with my nutrition, snacks, and food decisions. He cares about my wellbeing and looks after me. For the past few years, he has talked me into no booze for entire month of October. Part of the reason is to help me understand how many wasted calories drinking adds to your body. How many trainers would do for their customers? In addition, I lost 6 pounds for the month and got my body fat down to 10.5%. PTS is not a rent a friend for hour gym. You will put the work in and see results. Every 4 weeks the workout program changes and I need this since I sit for 9 hours a day at work. 

I cannot thank Brett and PTS enough for everything they have done for me. This has been a lifestyle change for me. No more, back issues!