JoAnn Shrier, PTS Client

My husband and I have been training at the gym for about 2-1/2 years. Each of us trains three days a week with Devon. We both look forward to going to the gym. We like and have high regard for Devon. She is very knowledgeable and watchful. My husband’s goal is to get stronger and mine is functional fitness. Devon is highly qualified to work with each of us. The owners of the gym, Bobby and Jessie, along with the other trainers provide positive, professional and friendly atmosphere. While there is a broad spectrum of people who train there, from people like me to athletes, we always feel like this is a comfortable place for us. The gym is well equipped, bright and clean. Because everyone works out with a trainer, the gym is never over-crowded. The gym is enhanced by having an experienced chiropractor and other health professionals on-site. There is parking available.

Finally, our son has been training with Brett for 2 years. We are extremely happy that he has wanted to stay with it despite his hectic lifestyle.