• Bobby DeThomasis has been working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Athletic Trainer since 2004. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and a concentration in Strength and Conditioning from the State University of New York College at Cortland, where he played varsity football for four years and was a two time team captain. After college, Bobby passed the certification tests for Athletic Training (ATC) and the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He began working as a full time Strength and Conditioning Coach at Xceleration Sports Training located in New York. He also worked part-time as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Strong Island Sound professional basketball team, part of the American Basketball Association.

    While working as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Xceleration Sports Training, Bobby became interested in the training and nutritional protocols of world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. After several years of practicing the Poliquin Principles, Bobby became certified as a Level 1 Biosignature Practitioner in 2007 and moved to Chicago to work at The Poliquin Performance Center in Northfield, Illinois.

    Bobby has been continuously improving his skills set as an Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach by regularly attending certification classes as well as earning his Masters Degree in Sport Science from East Tennessee State University. He has achieved Level 5 PICP Master Strength Coach and earned his Level 2 Biosignature Modulation. He has also taken instructional courses with Charles Poliquin on special consideration topics, which include, Accelerated Healing of Low Back Injuries, Sport Specific Training, and Training for the Pre-Pubescent. His specialties include improving sport specific strength and conditioning, speed, power and quickness development, athletic rehabilitation, and sports nutrition.

    Bobby has worked with numerous elite athletes including NFL and collegiate football players, MLB, minor league, and collegiate baseball players, NHL, AHL and collegiate hockey players as well as collegiate lacrosse players. Bobby has also had the opportunity to coach several Olympic athletes, who competed in wrestling and long track speed skating. This included a silver medalist in the 2010 winter games in Vancouver.

    Photo of Bobby DeThomasis, Strength and Conditioning Coach/Athletic Trainer

    Bobby DeThomasis

    MS, ATC, CSCS, SCCC, A.R.T., FRC, FRR, PICP Level 5 Master Strength Coach, Biosignature Modulation, FST Level 2, Metabolic Analytics, Eleiko Strength Coach Level 2

  • Jessie DeThomasis graduated from the State University of New York College (SUNY) at Cortland with a BS in Economics. After working in finance for four years, she decided to pursue her passion for sports performance and athletics and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. She and her husband, Bobby DeThomasis started PTS in the fall of 2011, and then opened their own facility in January 2013.

    Jessie specializes in structural balance, olympic lifting, strength development, sports nutrition, sprint biomechanics, running programs, and body composition improvement. Combining science with practical application, she works with a variety of athletes, including track and field, hockey, football, soccer, tennis, and figure skating to improve their speed and power output. She is also passionate about continuing her education in integrative health, functional endocrinology, and metabolic disorders.

    Jessie is a certified PICP Level 2 Regional Strength Coach as well as a Level 2 USA Track and Field Coach specializing in sprints, hurdles, and relays. Jessie’s own racing experience in distances ranging from the 100m to half marathon, helps her design personalized training regimens for a wide range of both sprint and endurance athletes. At SUNY Cortland, she was a member of the Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field team and competed in the 400, 4×4, and high jump. She has continued competing and is currently training for the 200m and 400m as a Masters track and field athlete. In 2019 she placed 1st at the USATF Masters Outdoor National Championships in the 400m for her age group.

    Photo of Jessie DeThomasis, Personal Trainer

    Jessie DeThomasis

    BS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, PICP Strength Coach Level 2, Biosignature Modulation, FST Level 2, USA Track & Field Coach Level 2 Sprints, FRC, AFPA Certified Nutrition Counselor, Metabolic Analytics, Eleiko Strength Coach Level 2, USA-W Level 1

  • Devon Liebl developed her passion for strength and conditioning training while playing basketball for Lake Forest College in Illinois. After graduating in 2006 she traveled Europe with the USA Athletes International Basketball Team, where she learned to train and compete amongst elite athletes. When returning Devon began pursuing her career in health and wellness.

    Devon enjoys working with a wide range of clients that come to PTS. She helps clients improve body composition, structural balance, strength development, olympic lifting and overall wellness. Her clients see results because she is dedicated and passionate about them achieving their athletic and fitness goals. Devon’s enthusiasm and positivity helps clients give their all in each training session.

    Photo of Devon Liebl, Stregth Trainer

    Devon Liebl

    BS, PICP Strength Coach Level 2, Biosignature Modulation, FST Level 2, Eleiko Strength Coach Level 2, Metabolic Analytics, Kilo APD Level 1

  • Sean Wagner began working for PTS as a strength and conditioning coach in the summer of 2014. After graduating from Western Illinois University with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, Sean went on to obtain his CSCS certification through the NSCA. He then completed his Level 1 Precision Nutrition certification. Sean helps to improve his clients body composition through the use of strength training and personalized nutrition counseling. He is also an aspiring powerlifter and currently competes in powerlifting meets throughout the year.

    Photo of Sean Wagner, strength and conditioning coach

    Sean Wagner

    BS, CSCS, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1, USA-W Level 1

  • Jake Faber  joined the PTS team as a strength and conditioning coach in the summer of 2015. He received his BS in Exercise Science from Western Illinois University and upon graduating immediately obtained his NSCA-CSCS. He developed a strong passion for strength and conditioning throughout his time as a basketball player.  At PTS, he specializes in athletic development and body composition improvement.

    Photo of Jake Faber

    Jake Faber

    BS, CSCS, Metabolic Analytics

  • Adam Wenk  joined the PTS team in June 2017. He graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. After completing a summer internship with PTS, Adam was brought on as a full time Strength and Conditioning coach and earned his NSCA-CSCS certification.

    While at Indiana University, Adam held a student-assistant Strength Coach position for the Indiana University Men’s Basketball Program for the 2014-2015 season as well as the 2015-2016 Big Ten Championship season. While with the IU basketball program, Adam was in charge of student-athlete nutritional requirements, injury rehabilitation, and team workout implementation.

    Adam specializes in training youth athletes with an emphasis on football, hockey, and basketball. He is working to further his education in strength training and conditioning for athletes in a variety of sports and Olympic weightlifting.

    Photo of Adam Wenk

    Adam Wenk


  • Cortez Cross discovered his passion for weight training when he was 17 years old. After earning his personal training certification through the National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF) he wanted to help other people achieve their fitness goals. As an overweight child, who struggled with health and self-image, he was able to relate to his clients’ needs. Improving body composition and overall health became his ultimate goal. Bodybuilding was his source of motivation. Cortez went on to successfully compete in three natural bodybuilding competitions earning third in the Ironman, second in Mid-State Classic and again second in the Ironman.

    His further interest in healthy lifestyle choices led him to complete the Poliquin Biosignature Level 1 certification. After initially being exposed to Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), he realized the impact it could have on his clients flexibility and reducing chronic pain. Cortez has also attended several Olympic lifting seminars taught by California Strength and Eleiko.

    Photo of Cortez Cross, Personal Trainer

    Cortez Cross

    Level 2 FST, Biosignature Modulation, FRR

  • Alexandra White  joined the PTS team in July 2019. She graduated from Illinois State University with a BS in Business Management in 2012. After graduating, she worked in sales for a year and quickly realized her true calling was to become a personal trainer. Sports, specifically soccer and volleyball, have been apart of Alexandra’s life as she continued to play through high-school. Once in college, Alex shifted her passion to bodybuilding.

    Alex became a personal trainer in 2013 and entered her first competition as a bikini competitor in the National Physique Committee (NPC). She has placed 3rd at the Wings of Strength, 4th at the Natural Mid IL State and has since competed twice more.

    Her main focus is helping clients achieve positive physical and mental results through health and fitness. Her passion lies in improving and changing her client’s lives.  Alex is NASM certified and working on continuing her education in strength training and nutrition.

    Photo of Alexandra White

    Alexandra White

    BS, NASM-CPT, USAW-Level 1, PICP Strength Coach Level 1

  • Tony Morales joined the PTS team as a personal trainer and strength coach in the beginning of 2020. He discovered his passion for fitness during his career in the military, where he learned the importance of physical preparation. After honorably serving for six years he decided to pursue a career in strength and conditioning. In 2021, he graduated from DePaul University with a BS in Exercise Science.

    Tony works with a variety of athletes to develop strength and power through various training methods, with a specialization in introducing and fine-tuning the Olympic lifts. He has earned his USA-W level 1 and level 2 coach certifications as well as attended various weightlifting seminars hosted by Mike Gattone, Pyrros Dimas, Max Aita, and Chad Wesley Smith. Tony is an avid Olympic weightlifter with several years of experience competing in local USA-W sanctioned meets. Tony grew up playing football and participating in track and field, he also enjoys off-road mountain biking and hiking.

    Tony successfully works with clients to improve body composition and strength. He enjoys using his skills to help others surpass their fitness goals in a safe training environment. Tony will continue to learn and develop his skills in training methodology, health, mobility, and sports performance.

    Photo of Tony Morales

    Tony Morales

    BS, USA-W level 2

  • Collin van Eijk joined the team in July 2021 after completing a summer internship with PTS. He graduated from LSU in the Spring of 2019 with a BS in Exercise Science and then continued his education by earning his MS in Exercise Science in the Spring of 2021 at Loyola University in Chicago.

    In his spare time, Collin enjoys training and competing in powerlifting. He currently holds 9 California state records. Through the sport of powerlifting, Collin was able to witness first-hand how exercise can motivate and empower someone.

    Collin specializes in athletic development, powerlifting, body composition improvement, and general wellness.

    Photo of Collin van Eijk

    Collin van Eijk

    MS, CSCS