Nutrition Consultations

At PTS, we use the Metabolic Analytics Program (previously BioSignature and BioPrint) to optimize sports performance and improve body composition. Metabolic Analytics is a systematic approach to nutrition and wellness that was developed by world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin.  He developed this program after years of working with a variety of athletes and gathering scientific data on their progress.

This system uses fourteen specific skin fold sites to determine body fat percentage and potential hormonal imbalances that may be causing body fat storage. It also takes into consideration lifestyle factors such as stress, insulin response, recovery, and toxicity in order to take a holistic approach to nutrition and optimizing fat loss.

In addition to reaching your body fat goals, our clients commonly experience increased mental clarity, improved sleep, higher energy levels, and better moods with our nutrition program. We offer a 12-week nutrition consultation program that includes individualized diet and supplement recommendations tailored to your Metabolic Analytics results and your goals.  All supplements are sold separately and not included in the price of the 12-week program.  Please note that nutrition consultations are a service that is only offered to clients that are currently training at PTS.